A July 4th unlike any other in our nation’s history? – July 2020

Changing Tides – January 2020

A July 4th unlike any other in our nation's history?

Last weekend was the most somber July 4th celebration in recent history. But not the first time America awoke on the 4th to a sea of change and uncertainty whereby traditional values were being seriously challenged and millions would need to rethink their future.

155 years ago, July 4,1865, Americans awoke to the startling realization that the horror of the Civil War was finally over. The carnage was utterly overwhelming with 618,222 left dead and a country still deeply divided. For some it meant new freedom, but for most, it was an uneasy mix of relief, resentment, and deep wounds. Wounds so deep they still live on generations later in many parts of the U.S. today.


Not ever having lived in the South, I can only imagine the strength of conviction those Americans feel in their hearts and the resolve it must take to tear down their history in an effort to forever extinguish any reminder of the battle for equality.

We are a nation of immigrants. For the sake of our nation I can only pray that sacrifices paid now and in the past result in a country more united than it’s been, and that words like racism and racial bias come to represent nothing more than irrelevant ideologies of the past.

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Client Spotlight: AVATAR Partners

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AVATAR Partners develops innovative Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Extended Reality solutions that are proven to increase the efficiency, safety, and effectiveness of equipment, systems, and training processes in military, construction, aerospace, and manufacturing industries. Founded in 2003, AVATAR Partners is headquartered in Huntington Beach, California with additional offices in Maryland, Virginia and Florida.

Team Member Spotlight: Kaylie Monahan

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A University of Colorado Boulder graduate, Kaylie majored in Strategic Communications with an emphasis in Media Design and a minor in Business. Kaylie specializes in graphic design and digital marketing. Growing up in Dana Point, California she enjoys running on the beach and hiking the local trails. Her favorite part of being on the Young Company team is creating advertisements and hanging out with our mascot, Missy.