Digital Marketing – How to Hit More Inboxes


It’s a given – launch a batch of emails, and expect a load of spam. Yes, like it or not, a big chunk of precious messaging will miss the inbox and nestle itself into a crowded junk box. The dread of marketers everywhere.

So, are you a marketer or a mouse? Will you accept this fate, or adjust your habits to hit more targets? If the latter, here are some proven favorites.

First the biggie – if you intend to mitigate spam surge and pop into more inboxes, absolutely, positively get pre-approved by your prospective recipients. Which means they must authorize receipt of your glowing prose.

Important marketing tip: The wrong way to do this is buying a mailing list. No authorizations there. The right way is getting prospects to opt in somewhere on your website – the equivalent of handing out a permission slip. Without recipient authorization, you’re an intruder likely earmarked for junk box oblivion.

Authorization doesn’t guarantee open emails – valid recipients may ignore messaging for a variety of reasons. If these instances accumulate, emails are digitally blackmarked with the high unopen rate designation. This downgrade is instant passage to the junk box. And often is an unbearable source of shame to many an embarrassed marketer.

As a remedial procedure, boost email enticement value. Start with catchier subject lines and work your way to email segmentation – the practice of gearing messaging content to specific groups or demographics. Marketers will discover that different content affects different people, well – differently.

Finally, minimize contact with low mailbox usage recipients. As the phrase implies, this group rarely if ever utilizes the email address you’re targeting. Periodically refresh your recipient list with new names and addresses. Some effort, of course, will be required. So skip some coffee breaks and get to work. It’ll be worth it.

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