Brand Marketing – Step Outside the Digital Doorway


Despite the ubiquitous presence of inbound marketing, don’t discount the value of the outbound variety. Without question, it remains a viable path to success. Which is why this tried and true method of outreach still sees plenty of action. From spectacular trade shows to exuberant salespeople, the elements of outbound can connect with people as no other resources can.

For those who see outbound as a hopeless relic, be aware of this marketing truth -- digital methods are not infallible. That’s right. Your best laid plans may go awry right before your eyes.

Consider, for instance, the question of content. Sure, digital output may trigger mind-boggling traffic surges. But can you ever of visitor intentions? Often, the curious are drawn to content alone. Meaning, of course, the visitors are there for the show, not the merchandise. This happens more often than many brand marketers suppose. Notice those feeble conversion rates? Yeah, the cringe-worthy numbers could be telling you something about the conversion power of your content. Fun to look at; but not very profit-boosting.

Outbound marketing offers many advantages, the most prominent being its ability to provide a compelling showcase of expertise. By establishing direct contact with prospects, outbound crusaders can drive home their skills and knowledge in an incomparably convincing manner.

The key is the interpersonal bond formed between communicator and recipient – a direct, you are there experience that fosters trust and acceptance in a way digital content never could. Prospects ‘get to know’ the communicator and see the proclaimed expertise first-hand. And that’s a tough act to follow.

Outbound marketing methods shouldn’t be a solo act. The ideal approach combines inbound and outbound in a seamless strategy. Working together, they ensure the most effective messaging with the furthest reach.

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