Young Company Adds Hutchins Consort as a New Client

ENCINITAS, CA – September 1, 2012

Young Company Adds Hutchins Consort as a New Client - September 1, 2012

The Hutchins Consort brings classical music with a modern twist by playing on the eight scaled violins of the violin octet designed and built by famed luthier Dr. Carleen Hutchins. What makes their sound so unique is the entire range of music is meant to be heard to truly sound like only violins. The instruments range from the treble violin all the way to the large bass violin, providing an exclusive but beautiful sound. The Hutchins Consort plays ranges of music from the Middle Ages and Renaissance to modern music we all enjoy today.

The Hutchins Consort sought out Young Company to help promote their upcoming concerts that are being played all over Southern California. Collateral was created to show off their musical skills with colorful posters and informative brochures, featuring their upcoming lineup dates. Next Young Company will refresh their website with a new, sleek look that will be more inviting and informative on The Hutchins Consort. To learn more about the musicians and to catch the approaching shows, visit them at