Total Apps Launches MojoPay

ALISO VIEJO, CA – October 1, 2012

// - October 1, 2012

Total Apps Launches New Brand Called MojoPay

Total Apps has tapped Young Company to help brand and launch their new system MojoPay, a new way to facilitate Internet transactions for businesses. Merchants, buyers, and private sellers alike can send and receive money, as well as invoice and track those transactions using this easy, one-stop shop portal. E-Business has never been this stress-free to help run and operate a business.


Total Apps came to Young Company looking to start this new enterprise MojoPay. The client wanted to create a unique and wonderful user experience by freshening up the look and feel of their new website to be more appealing to the customer. Already armed to the teeth with capable programmers, MojoPay needed Young Company to design the creative framework upon which the new site would be based. Young Company’s creative efforts have given MojoPay the extra kick to give it a new competitive advantage with a sleek and intuitive design. For more information, visit MojoPay at