Why the Beacon Will Bring More Through the Door


In these transitional times, businesses must discover effective ways to reclaim previous customers and attract new ones. Proximity marketing is one of those ways. On the cutting edge of digital communications, proximity marketing is a system that utilizes Bluetooth technology to locate nearby smartphones and tablets, then transmit specific customer-oriented messages to those devices.

Powering this unique digital marketing technology is a nifty component called a proximity beacon, which sends Bluetooth Low Energy signals (BLE) to select nearby devices. Any business using this technology has a decided advantage when combing the landscape for customers.

The beacon is a must-have for any business or brand craving more through the door. This boost is particularly important in an environment where limited capacity requirements put a major squeeze on traffic inflow.

The primary advantage of the marketing technology is its innate ability to blast geo-targeted notification to nearby recipients. Said notifications can provide high value info about discounts, freebies, new products, special events, and whatever else has presumed drawing power.

But messaging need not be restricted to these basic announcements. Businesses also can use the outreach to offer warm greetings as prospects approach. Or a ‘see you soon’ upon exit. Even drop in a digital coupon or two. The sky’s the limit. Whatever owners or management want to communicate can be said with precision thanks to proximity marketing technology. Such indisputable messaging power offers ample reason to embrace the beacon

This extraordinarily effective outreach, of course, must be tailored specially to the recipient’s preferences and tastes. Personalized data presumably has been accumulated and safely in the hands of those in charge of marketing efforts. If the info is missing from the storehouse, gather it before proceeding. Proximity marketing relies on precise personalization to hit home.

Some of the enterprises typically benefiting from proximity marketing are real estate offices, restaurants chains or (single stores), and retailers large and small. All of these and more are driving increased traffic thanks to the wonders of this technology.

Concerned about public acceptance? Owners and managers needn’t fret. As it now stands, approximately 53% of consumers freely will reveal their whereabouts in exchange for tantalizing benefits. That number, not surprisingly, is expected to rise.

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