Why Shoppers Are Better Off With a Few Crumbs


Website visitors aren’t keen to play Sherlock Holmes. So don’t give them a mystery to solve. Users want to know where exactly they are and where to go. Which means ecommerce marketers must provide a seamless, easy to navigate experience. Breadcrumbs will help them do it.

In the digital world, breadcrumbs are navigational links that represent various locations within a website. They tell visitors exactly where they are -- and how to jump back to any previous page. Simply click any one of the displayed location links, and bingo – you’re where you want to be. Retracting your steps has never been easier.

This navigational feature is particularly useful to visitors who are deep into a website. Need to return to another location? No guessing your way through a maze. Just click a link, and you’re there. Want to venture forward? Same step.

Breadcrumbs offer a solid incentive to browse – and keep on browsing. No fear of getting lost during the journey. You always know where you are – and how to backtrack if so desired.

Not only does browsing ease offer users more opportunity to familiarize themselves with your products, services, company, and other pertinent information. The incentive also minimizes bounce rates – a major boon to SEO performance.

Speaking of SEO performance, Google increasingly will prioritize breadcrumbs. Rather than display a website’s URL in search results, the search engine will instead list the site name and the appropriate breadcrumb path or paths. Clearly proof that a few crumbs can go a long way.

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