The People are Watching … What Should You Do?


Which activity do people spend more time on – watching online videos or watching the typical comedy movie? Surprisingly (or maybe not so surprisingly) folks devote more time to online video content. The average consumption is about 100 minutes daily. The average comedy video, on the other hand, lasts about 90 minutes. For those who keep track, the online choice beats the latter by a good ten minutes.

Driven by the obvious and rising popularity of online video, brand marketers are increasingly utilizing this format for both advertising and engagement. And judging by the numbers, it’s working out well for all.

But it’s not just content that’s making a splash. Just the thought of an impending video can be irresistibly tantalizing. Need proof? Well, consider this – the open rates for marketing emails rise decisively when the word ‘video’ is planted somewhere in the subject line.

Landing pages also benefit tremendously by the inclusion of videos. Just look at the current sales results. For many brands, conversion rates rise by as much as 80% when their landing pages display video content. Without question, this format can have a major influence on worldwide buying habits.

Speaking of influence, one of the greatest sales boosters is the inclusion of an influencer in a marketing video. Who you choose for the honor, of course, depends on the product or service in question -- as well as on the tastes of your consumer base. Clearly, an effective influencer must be a big, or at least medium cheese with the target audience. Don’t hazard guesses when navigating this territory. Make sure the person selected has verifiable clout with viewers.

How deeply will a suitable marketing video cut into your cash reserves? Thanks to more than a few technological advances, effective videos can be developed and implemented for wonderfully budget friendly sums. Remember, you’re not pumping out the next lavish summer blockbuster. Therefore, all that your video needs is integrity. Fortunately, this can be had for a very modest price.

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