Why Contextual Marketing Needs a Bonus Pack

Why Contextual Marketing Needs a Bonus Pack

What’s automated, irresistibly relevant, and often entertaining all at the same time? If you guessed contextual marketing, the prize is yours. Contextual marketing is all those and more – a major game-changer in the world of digital marketing. A new bag of tricks for the savvy and sophisticated.

In a nutshell, contextual marketing beefs up online content by adding relevant material. Videos, text, audio clips, and images all serve the purpose.

Imagine, for instance, you’re scanning a blog about cod fishing. In zooms some relevant content. You’ve just got to look. Maybe it’s a morsel about rods, reels, boats, or bait. Furniture, carpets, and the like do the same for a homebuyer page. And so on. Relevancy is key. Hint: Detergent ads won’t play well on the fishing page.

Who uses contextual marketing? They’re coming out of the woodwork. Google, for instance, amplifies content with its acclaimed Google AdSense.

But Relevancy is Only a First Step

You thought it would be easy. Just drop in a relevant tidbit, and bingo, instant success. But the rudimentary goes only so far. For deep-reaching results, contextual marketing requires a bonus pack – something extra that ads gobs of value. Why the addition? For starters, research reveals that these bonuses lead to higher conversion rates – and more frequent purchases. Need any other reasons?

Effective bonuses make recipients feel special. Among the winners are limited-time offers and discounts, sneak-peeks at new products, and unique content intended solely for the recipient.

Also important is a smooth-flowing journey. Whether online or in-store, users respond best when treated to a consistent brand experience. Contextual marketing sings the same song as the brick and mortar.

Pre-Launch Requirement

Contextual marketing works when it reflects customer priorities. Thus, get to know recipients before you launch. Otherwise, you’re playing a dollar-draining guessing game.

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