Fly Higher with Instagram Videos

Fly Higher with Instagram Videos

When it comes to popularity, Instagram is flying somewhere north of the moon. The good news is, your brand can hop on board for the ride. More than ever, products showcased on this social platform are increasing their reach beyond conventional boundaries. There are, however, ways to extend the Instagram reach even further. One of the ways is the video experience.

Yes, Instagram videos score big – as they do almost everywhere else in digital space. Interestingly, they rack up the most points when some key options are exercised.

Two Must-Use Instagram Video Options:

A Video for Every Purpose

If variety is the spice of life, Instagram is a spice mine. Currently, the platform offers a diversity of video option available for use by savvy digital marketers. One of the most useful is Instagram Stories, which offers brand marketers a plethora of possibilities — including mixing and matching separate video stills into a single graphic message. Marketers needn’t worry about staleness. These videos automatically get yanked after 24-hours. Not a pixel left to be seen. Clearly, brand marketers should have a batch of follow-ups ready for release.

Silence Can Be Golden

Although marketing videos often get seen, frequently they’re not heard. That’s because a new movement has taken hold — viewers are switching off ad audio in droves. Badly needed is a side door to their hearts and minds. Fortunately, that door has been created by a combination of closed captioning and subtitles, both of which are popular Instagram video options.

Able to deliver powerful messaging, even to the most ardent anti-audioist, subtitles and closed-captioning are proving a valuable countermeasure. Naturally, lengthy dissertations are out. But for quick-hitting deliveries, these options are marketing gold.

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