Which Way Are the Web Winds Blowing?

Which Way Are the Web Winds Blowing?

Just when brand marketers think they have the internet figured out, here comes a blizzard of new trends. So adjustment is made. Adaptation takes place. But the second marketers get settled in and comfortable with the new realities, the next batch of trends howls in. It’s a never ending cycle.

Like the physical world, the internet is an ever-evolving entity. It expands, contracts, remolds, and redirects itself almost by the nanosecond. Trying to predict which way the internet winds will blow is virtually impossible. So the most brand marketers can hope to do is move with the currents. And they better. Because moving in the wrong direction will likely push your brand way behind your internet-savvy competition.

For marketers who’d rather not march against the powerful internet winds, here are several current trends to be aware of.

The Social Circle. 800 million sets of wide-open eyeballs. That’s what Facebook pulls to their shores each and every day. Now factor in Twitter, Instagram, and the million and one other social sites, and you suddenly have a consumer base of galactic proportions. Thus, social marketing no longer is a matter of choice. It’s mandatory for anyone who’s profit-minded.

Money Storm. More and more companies are shifting ad money away from traditional television advertising and redirecting those greenbacks to the web.

Mobile Madness. Mobile devices are grabbing more and more of available internet traffic and consumer bucks. Current calculations put those numbers somewhere around 70%. Smartphones and the like are particularly popular for shoppers of consumer goods. If your brand marketing strategy doesn’t include a viable mobile presence, you’re effectively blocking the vast majority of online shoppers from your products.

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