The Short Road to Reel Good Marketing Results


These days, short n’ sweet unquestionably applies to the average marketing video. Sure, the long form is gold for purely informational content. But when it comes to connecting time-crunched users with your brand, nothing beats brevity.

Instagram Reels offers brand marketers a dynamic option in the short video sphere. With 30 seconds pegged as the ideal running time, Reels-generated output meets the need for brevity with flying colors.

Not surprisingly, Reels calls for a fun, casual approach rather than slick glossiness. Humorous product showcases, behind the scenes tours, and tantalizing sneak peaks all make suitable content. It’s all about creating an entertaining – although brief – experience that invites engagement in the blink of an eye.

How can brand marketers maximize the performance of Instagram Reels? Begin at the beginning. Which means introduce the video by describing exactly what the production is all about – sort of an encapsulated preview -- the hook that pulls them in. Ideally, the intro will last 3 seconds – tops. So make every word count.

Once hooked, viewers will expect something of value in exchange for their undivided attention. The nerve of them. Ideally, the video will satisfy their yearnings by offering a bundle of tips, advice, info, and whatever else is deemed desirable by the receiving party.

As the video draws to its exciting finish, include what virtually every other marketing vehicle should include – a call to action. True, you’re in a time squeeze. Nevertheless, a CTA is crucial to perpetuate viewer interest. Therefore, reserve a few seconds for this vital component.

Anything that spurs user action is acceptable. Possibilities include inviting viewers to ask questions, requesting their feedback, and directing them to a landing page for more information. Done right, the CTA will achieve the desired results -- and if you’re really lucky, make all your marketing dreams come true.

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