Touch, Don’t Shove


It’s the truth all brand marketers must face on their quests for fame and fortune … In the realm of email communications, once rarely is enough. In fact, most of the time, twice or even three times doesn’t cut it. To be effective, an email campaign must launch a series of personal touches. Doesn’t matter what the product or service is.

Dedicated marketers, therefore, should plan for a major effort. You’ll be sending a generous supply of digital reminders to legions of target recipients. But you won’t be going it alone. A wide range of software solutions will help you get the job done.

Remember the golden rule when unleashing your stream of follow-ups -- touch, don’t shove. Which means reminders should be of the gentle variety. Anything perceived as pushy, overdone, excessive, or insistent is a guaranteed annoyance to most recipients. Which equals guaranteed re-routing to the trash bin.

To remain safely within gentle touch parameters, a digital reminder campaign must be self-limiting. Avoid the temptation to overdo the output. True, a modest two or three messages typically falls short of the effectiveness mark. Nevertheless, flooding the world with digital remainders won’t leave you in any better shape. It will, however, leave you in the running for the world’s most exasperating marketer award.

The goal is to find a happy medium. Unfortunately, marketers have yet to discover the ideal quantity. Consequently, a smattering of research and testing will be required. Once the magical number is determined, you’re ready to unleash.

Bear in mind, gentle reminders are warmly inviting, a condition you easily can establish in the subject line. Here, a dose a curiosity arousal can work wonders. So, drop an intriguing question into the subject line space – always a big plus. Something like “Could You Use an Extra Million Dollars” rarely fails as an attention grabber. The specifics, of course, are brand and product dependent. But whatever the merchandise, interest levels will soar when primed by a spicy question jumping out of the subject line.

As for tone, the best chord to strike is a cordial one. Brand marketers should strive to keep text simple, friendly, and clutter-free. Anything else will trigger widespread resistance from most recipients, as well as finger-pointing galore in the ranks. Neither result makes for happy weekends.

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