The Future of Social Media and Marketing


Do you spend night after sleepless night wondering where social media is headed? If so, then don’t miss the following overview of —

Social Media in the Year 2016

You On Demand
Are people clamoring for a more spontaneous, instant you? Periscope is the answer. Recently snapped up by Twitter, Periscope enables users to transmit live personal videos to their adoring public. This is light years ahead of the post now-watch later policy currently ruling social media. Expect a blizzard of live broadcasts from brands eager to capitalize on the technology.

App Packing
For every need, an app… until now. Social sites will pack more and more functionality into their apps, allowing one app to do the job of many. Facebook is already ahead of the game, having launched things like Instant Articles and videos that instantly play. Currently on the drawing boards for Facebook is a user-friendly digital assistant that performs a variety of functions. Twitter, Instagram, and other players will be launching similar innovations to keep users ‘in-app’.

EZ Buy
In keeping with the in-app trend, social sites will include buy buttons to complement sponsored ads. By pressing said button, users can purchase advertised products without ever leaving the comfort of their app.

Protection Plus
Facing rising privacy concerns, social sites will beef up security. Facebook, for instance, plans to protect users with a variety of privacy awareness tools.

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