The Building Blocks of Brand Identity

The Building Blocks of Brand Identity

The Building Blocks of Brand Identity

Whether a brand is established or new, it must project a strong identity. Doing so promotes consistent customer loyalty and generates a steady stream of new leads. To create this necessary identity, brand marketers should incorporate the following building blocks into their overall plan.

The first order of business -- develop a clear mission statement. Summarizing both company goals and its purpose, this message essentially defines who and what your company is all about.

Equally important is a sort of companion piece – the company positioning statement. Though similar to the mission message, it’s a whole other animal. Rather than make a brand generalization, the statement reveals a specific characteristic or advantage. For instance, ‘Ocean Buddy Yachts is the versatile craft that offers both speed and style.’

Both statements work in tandem, supporting each other to establish the core of your brand’s identity.

From there, you further develop an identity with a benefits message. This, essentially, is an encapsulation of all the fine advantages offered by your company. What will it do for customers? Save them money? Always a good place to start. Maybe help them increase profits? A worthy goal.

The next step is an elaboration of benefits. Known as a value proposition, this message details a brand’s specific problem-solving capabilities. Perhaps your company’s product enhances efficiency, thereby increasing profit margins. Or helps improve a golf swing with a uniquely engineered nine-iron. Whatever the solution, this is where you spell it out. Concisely, of course.

Finally, somewhere in the identity messaging, brand marketers should emphasize the special place of their company. Why is it important to people and communities?

Naturally, developing these building blocks will require in-depth analysis to arrive at accurate answers. But once these answers emerge, marketers can develop a solid identity the world will gladly notice.

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