Small Message, Big Impact


You’ve got the green light. People want to receive your text notifications. Don’t worry about craftmanship. They’ll accept anything you shoot down the pipe. You are, after all, the all-knowing brand marketer. What’s good enough for you is good enough for them.

Wrong. Effective text notifications require more than your involvement. They require quality content – something that gives the small message a big impact.

Among the known quality-enhancers for text notifications, none is more basic than grammatical propriety. This includes not only properly used grammar, but all the other supporting principles such as correct punctuation and correct spelling.

Why are these details important? After all, who cares if you botched a little verbiage. You still get your message across, right? Indeed, you do. But the obvious sloppiness likely will tarnish your image and ultimately make you less trustworthy. After all, who can trust a brand that can’t tell a question mark from an apostrophe? Word to the wise: don’t never overlook proper usage.

Brand marketers also must show restraint when unleashing the compact message. Firing off a steady flood of texts is a guaranteed way to sabotage your digital campaign. In the world of text notifications, the ‘less is more’ principle rules. Brand marketers should send texts at strategic intervals – when they’ll be most readily accepted. These intervals, of course, will be determined by demographic factors.

Finally, brand marketers should strive for optimal timing. Certain recipients will be more receptive in the wee hours of the morning; others will be keener for the late-night ping. For instance, if you’re marketing breakfast snacks, 2 p.m. probably won’t net you a soaring response rate. For maximum results, remember the ‘when’ is as important as the ‘what’.

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