Capture New Customers with These Proven Strategies

Capture New Customers with These Proven Strategies

Most brand marketers would agree with the following: you never can have enough customers. But unless your name is Aladdin, wishing for more buyers won’t deliver them to your doorstep. What will do the trick is the proper application of sound marketing strategies. Here are some of the world’s proven favorites.

The process of acquiring new customers often gains traction with an irresistibly free offer. If sharing product samples or other tangible freebies is a no-can-do, give the gift of information. Juicy, mouth-watering data can be an instant tantalizer. One such gift is the tried and true newsletter. Easy to produce and distribute, it’s the ultimate bundle of sizzling-hot company info. Essentially, such a publication treats prospects to an inside look at your brand. They get to know you while satisfying their shameless desire for free goods. A win-win on all fronts.

While getting to know you, prospects and customers often will show a willingness to reciprocate. Surveys and other types of questionnaires give recipients a golden opportunity to reveal their inner shopper. Many will express themselves at length, oversupplying you with data. No matter. Your dedicated clean-up crew can shave away the excess, leaving only the choicest nuggets of data for later use.

First-rate customer care goes hand in hand with the foregoing strategies. Some of you might wonder – how does this pertain to new customer acquisition? After all, you’d be lavishing care on existing spenders  -- not future buyers.

True enough. But existing customers have itchy fingers and eager mouths. And they’ll be happy to tap keys, swipe screens, and make phone calls in a frenzied effort to spread the word about your caring nature. The sky’s the limit when it comes to pinging their social circles. Satisfied customers might tell one or a hundred worthy individuals. No matter what, their efforts provide no-cost, effective public relations on your behalf.

Finally, those hunting for new customers should keep their websites current. Why? Because interested prospects likely will tap all known info-sources to gain familiarity with your brand. Stale content generally produces yawns. Keep their interest at a high level with consistent updates of blogs, white papers, and other forms of content. Ditto for your social media posts. Publish often, with fresh messaging guaranteed to thrill.

If you have any questions or comments about new customer acquisition, or about any other brand-related topic, feel free to send them our way.