Sharpening the Picture with Integrated Marketing

Sharpening the Picture with Integrated Marketing

Simply, shocking. According to a recent report generated by Econsultancy and Adobe, a mere 12% of companies utilize integrated marketing. Many more dabble, of course. But that’s not the same as doing a thorough job. Without a truly comprehensive integrating marketing plan, companies risk misunderstanding their most important asset – their customers.

Why is Integrated Marketing a Must-Have?

Integrated marketing connects information from multiple marketing channels such as social media and email blasts. Seamlessly stitched together are mobile app data, personalization engines, web analytics, marketing campaigns, and all the rest. The welcome result is a dramatically sharpened picture of the customer that helps marketers in the following ways:

Tracking the Customer Journey. Every customer takes a journey that starts from the first glimpse of a product or service and typically ends with a buy decision or a ‘see-ya-later.’ Between these two poles are dealings with various touchpoints (i.e. social media, web content), which are designed to educate and stimulate further interest.

Understanding. Not all customers are cut from the same cloth. Zeroing in on the possible variations on a theme is essential for success. Integrating marketing helps businesses to categorize customers based on key traits and demographic data. Once a particular ‘type’ is identified, businesses gain the insight to speak to these individuals in a highly personalized way.

Goldmine of New Approaches. Data collected via integrated marketing isn’t limited to a one-time use. Strategists and creative wizards can dive into your storehouse of accumulated info and spin it into new approaches that mesh beautifully with the mindsets of their customers.

Consistency. A jumble of disparate styles and approaches is not the stuff marketing success is made of, no matter how many different channels are called into action. Drawing on a deeper understanding of customers, integrated marketing enables businesses to weave together a seamless, consistent message across all channels.

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