And Today’s Marketing Forecast Is… Video Marketing!


And Today’s Marketing Forecast is …


Digital video marketing is reaching audiences with greater and greater accuracy. Nevertheless, there’s always room for the next breakthrough technique or innovative approach. For brand marketers intent on refining the process of digital video advertising, here’s a quick-scan of trends that can help steer your thinking in the most productive direction.

Trends Looming on the 2014 Horizon

Separation of Ads. No, ads are not created equal. Not even close. Video messaging is as different from banner messaging as a circle is from a lopsided triangle. Therefore, marketers cannot apply their tried and true banner methods to video. Not if they hope to succeed, anyway. Marketing success hinges on separating the two mediums during a campaign, developing each on its own terms.

Video Convergence. Because online video and broadcast video are first cousins, a certain crossover of techniques and approaches will surface in both channels. Nevertheless, the two relatives have their differences. For instance, commercial videos that rock the television airwaves frequently sputter when recycled in the online world. Contrastingly, the same brand pitched in a production that’s custom-designed for digital transmission will fare light years better. As the months roll on, marketers will uncover new ways to separate the two. But for now, expect both to have much in common.

Mobile Video Boom. Anyone and everyone is glued to a mobile device these days, right? So it’s inevitable that brand marketers will channel vast amounts of raw energy and resources into developing mobile video. Researchers no doubt will uncover new information and insights about the legions of mobile users, spurring colossal refinements in the video messaging earmarked for this medium.

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