It’s Time to Market to the Pin Heads

It’s Time to Market to the Pin Heads

It boasts 70 million users. And the numbers are rising daily.  No question about it. Pinterest is the destination for throngs of online visitors. Easy navigation and a clean interface have made it all but irresistible.

But there’s more than a popularity contest at work here. Pinterest offers mind-boggling profit potential. Consider this: The site’s loyal ‘pin heads’ spend triple the amount of cash than do the folks connecting with other social destinations.

What type of enterprise can mine a bit of gold from the Pinterest phenomenon? Just about any. Large, small, in between. Here are some of the basics for getting the ball rolling.

Know right off the bat that Pinterest isn’t about connecting with people. It’s about connecting with items. The kind of items that may be found in warehouses, showrooms, and retail shelves. All of which means visitors likely are already searching for whatever it is you offer. These people already have the passion. And judging from the above stats, they also have the funds to satisfy their desires. In essence, Pinterest gives many businesses a healthy head start – without tapping into their marketing budgets.

With that in mind, you can confidently set up your Pinterest account. Be sure to drop a ‘Pin It’ button right next to the million and one other social buttons you’ve plastered on your website. This makes it a snap to create pins online.

Next, you’ll want to connect with users in a big way. This isn’t the place for a major advertising blitz. More subtle methods are the rule here. Check out the Pinterest board to get the scoop on engaging with the community.

As with other social arenas, content is king at Pinterest. Whatever you post should demonstrate why your product is golden to the folks you’re trying to reach. The idea here is to be enormously helpful.

To put the icing on the cake, adorn your Pinterest site with photos demonstrating your product or service in action. After all, seeing is believing. And once you’ve gained believers, they’ll have no problem racing to your website, over and over.

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