Keep Consumers Glued With Sticky Content


Reaching your online pages is one thing. Staying there is another. One thing is certain, however. Your digital content won’t trigger the mandatory ‘wow’ response unless it makes the right impression… The kind of impression that makes viewers stick around.


How long is long enough to establish a truly ‘sticky’ message? Various organizations are pushing forward, trying to divine the magic number. In the process, they’re attempting to cobble together a rigorous set of standards that brand marketers can use to measure viewable online impressions. Many have tried. But so far no definitive answer has emerged as a uniform standard.


The mystery has left brand marketers with two choices: Scratch their heads helplessly as they await an answer that may be eons away. Or leap ahead of the standards boards to create their own measurements of viewable impressions.


One entity that seems to have leapt successfully is WebSpectator.  The result of painstaking research, this product is distinguished as the first to incorporate time as a factor in digital content. Video, of course, already enables brand marketers to measure minutes watched. Once a viewer hits play, running time is automatically logged. WebSpectator brings this same kind of precision measuring beyond the video arena and delivers it straight into other digital realms.


This unique process is driven by something called WebSockets, a technology that starts a ‘conversation’ between browser and server. Through this conversation, important viewing data is sent to the server. The information exchange reveals important things like the number of people connected to a brand’s website, the engagement level, amount of scrolling, and most importantly, the quantity of people actually feasting their eyes on specific content.


WebSockets is only the first of a long lineup of time-measuring options that will be zooming into the marketing world. Fortunately, it’s already making a big impression.


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