Insurance by any other name is a shell game. Are you covered? – October 2017

Changing Tides - October 2017

With so many devastating natural disasters in Texas, Florida, Louisiana Puerto Rico and Mexico, those people fortunate enough to have insurance are turning to their policies to see what is covered. Many victims of this last batch of hurricanes are shocked to discover that most policies do not cover damages caused by “named storms,” such as Harvey, Irma and Maria.

Our current system of insuring property against natural disasters based on location is faulty at best. What you predict will happen is like playing Russian roulette, but the odds are worse. You know what natural cataclysms are common to your area, but you’re lucky if you guess which disaster will strike and insure appropriately. If you are wrong, you’re left with no coverage for what could be the biggest disaster of your life. Thousands of good, smart people have been wiped out recently.

So, here’s a simple solution: a national natural disaster insurance policy. All property owners would pay an annual premium for mandatory natural disaster insurance. If you raised an average of $1,000 per property, it would produce $100 billion annually. Rather than choosing your disaster, all types of disasters would be covered including volcano, tsunami, earthquake, landside, tornado, avalanche, hurricanes and floods. With the cost shared among all properties, everyone could be covered.

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Signed by Bart Young

Client Spotlight: SnapNsure


SnapNsure is self-storage contents insurance, improved and simplified. Savings of 50-70% come standard by purchasing insurance directly from SnapNsure instead of getting ripped off at the counter of the storage facility. Additional coverage options for what people fear most (for example “named storms”), as well as a state-of-the-art photo gallery to visually organize and protect your storage items are remarkably unique features of this groundbreaking insurance provider.

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Employee Spotlight: Haley Randolph

Haley Randolph

When Haley participated in her first Young Company client strategy meeting, we knew that these sessions would be taken to a higher professional level. We found her obsession to stay on top of innovations in marketing communications to be very beneficial for our clients. Her meticulous attention to detail and organization makes Haley a stellar account coordinator. As a recent Boise State graduate, who carried a double major in Marketing and Entrepreneurial Management, she cut her teeth on digital marketing and specialized in email marketing, website design, social media, blogging and SEO. In addition to an already impressive resume, Haley spent the summer of 2016 working abroad for the UK’s top private healthcare marketing company. Despite the many hours she devotes to learning new skills and strategies in the marketing field, Haley still finds time to go snowboarding, hiking, and traveling.