All-Ears Marketing

All-Ears Marketing

With brand markers preoccupied with commandeering a constant flow of output, it seems that communication is a one-way street. But before recipients of information can appreciate fully the content sent their way, important steps must be taken by senders. Among the most important of these steps is to listen carefully to what customers and prospects are saying. Basically, before launching content into the world, marketers must be all ears.

Listening isn’t a broad-focused phenomenon. When the ears open, they should channel their receptors to individuals, not the entire mass of would-be buyers. By isolating and providing for each unique customer’s needs, marketers can tailor-craft messaging on a personalized level. Recipients are much more apt to respond favorably to a personalized, me-focused experience. Not surprisingly, personalized experiences are a top priority in many contemporary marketing spaces. But again, the first step to success is active listening.

Buying habits are one of the loudest statements customers can make. What they’re telling you should be listened to with unfailing scrutiny. These habits reveal a great deal about the preferences of individuals; therefore, they a provide firm foundation on which to base each personalized experience.

Brand marketers can show they’ve been listening by customizing communications to suit the recipient. One nearly fool-proof possibility is to send personalized thank-you notes to those who’ve recently made a purchase (digital or paper formats are acceptable).

Taking the personalization process a step further, select special customers can be slated for very special deals. Of course, what tickles the fancy of one person could prove meaningless to another. The thrust here is customized communications to fit each recipient. Yeah, that’ll take time and energy. So what — take a few coffee breaks.

Ultimately, personalized experiences give recipients a sense of importance – a valued place in the vast commercial universe. In effect, these VIP experiences pull consumers into the limelight – a place few will shy away from. And once they’re there, many will be inclined to reciprocate with unceasing brand loyalty.

If you have any questions or comments about listening to customers to create a personalized experience, or about any other brand-related topic, feel free to send them our way.