Is Google SSL Really Putting Safety First?

Is Google SSL Really Putting Safety First?

We all can breathe a lot easier. The web is safer than it’s ever been for seekers of information. Credit: Google. Recently, the Big G overhauled certain components of its popular search process. Thanks to the modifications, all web searches now are redirected and filtered through Google Secure Socket Layer or SSL.

SSL 101

Google SSL encrypts data transmitted during a search, throwing a cloak over data and providing ultimate user privacy. As a result, terms and keywords are no longer spewed into the public arena where people like brand marketers can feast their eyes on the data. Nope. Now this precious info is a secret known only to the user. At least, in theory. Numerous applications, such as email, have been given total protection by SSL encryption for quite some time. So ‘stealth data’ is by no means an eye-opening breakthrough.


Not that search data is impossible to come by. Google Webmaster Tools is capable of sharing keyword data. But alas, for some strange reason, these tools are suddenly out of commission. Is this a malfunction? Or could there be another reason?

‘What could that reason be?’ you ask in all innocence. Well, Google might have thrown the ‘off’ switch. You see, not so long ago, Google moved to enable publishers to archive search term data. But there’s a catch. Publishers must use Google Adwords.  And this service is by no means free. With Webmaster tools now idle, Google Adwords is the only source for coveted keyword info. So, brand marketers either must pay for what they used to get for free (much like television). Or go without.

Perhaps the outage disabling Google Webmaster tools is only temporary — a bug in need of a fix. But if not, you’ll likely be reaching a little more deeply into your pockets for keyword info. Or you’ll be doing a lot of guesswork. Neither choice is especially appealing.

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