Are You a Nowhere Brand in Nowhere Land? Bulk on SEO.

Nowhere Brand in Nowhere LandHow important is SEO to your business? Consider this – the vast majority of info-hunters restrict their clicks to websites listed on page one of Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Nothing beyond this threshold matters. All of which means, if you’re not front page news, you’re likely a nowhere brand in nowhere land.

If you’re brand is lost in this foggy territory, never fear. There’s a way to jump into the open – Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Yes, yes, barring folks who’ve been marooned on Neptune, you’ve all heard the term. But implementing the process is another matter. For those eager to bust free of nowhere land, here’s a set of surefire SEO basics that can help thrust your brand into the search engine limelight.

Keyword Relevance.  Not only must keywords relate to your product or services, the terms must be popular with info-hunters. Fortunately, brand marketers have at their disposal an abundance of keyword measuring tools. These metrics unambiguously reveal search frequency of keywords. Also revealed will be the competition for various terms. Not surprisingly, marketers will discover an undeniable correlation between keyword popularity and website traffic. So choose those keywords wisely.

Quality Content. Currently, website content can take many forms. Among the more common are video, blogs, photos, and podcasts. Expect the possibilities to expand as new technologies flow into cyberspace. Search engines take e-content very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that content is one of the major criteria used for ranking a website. Quality is crucial. Grammatically sound, valuable information will go a long way to getting the respect of search engines … and readers.

Everything Counts. More than the spice of life, variety is the darling of search engines. Google, Bing, Yahoo, and all the rest prefer content powered by both words and pictures (including vids). No mistake about it. There’s room for everyone.

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