How to Make a Website a User’s Best Friend

How to Make a Website a User’s Best Friend

How to Make a Website a User’s Best Friend

We all appreciate some friendliness, whether the cordiality comes from a neighbor, a co-worker, or the family dog. Users of digital devices also value friendliness – from websites. In fact, user friendliness is one of a site’s most important features. Yet not all of them qualify.

What happens when a site isn’t user-friendly? Visitors typically leave. To prevent the abandonment, digital marketers should strive to make every website a user’s best friend.

The first step toward this objective is developing a solid understanding of the differences between a user-friendly website and its opposite. Generally, the unfriendly site is impossible to navigate. It leaves visitors confused and stymied, inspiring irritated questions. Among these are: Just what is this site about anyway? How do I find what I’m looking for? What do I do next? Did I land on the wrong site? And other such inquires. Stuck in this mud, most time-constrained users will abandon, never again to return.

To avoid this outcome, digital marketers should strive for user-friendliness. Focus on decluttering, eliminating all irrelevant information until the interface is delightfully simple. What users see is what they want – no more and no less. A suitable sitemap will help maintain the necessary clarity.

User friendliness can be enhanced further through the effective use of color. The right hues generate interest and define what’s important, smoothly guiding users to desired page zones. They’ll think to themselves – this is sooo easy. Only you’ll know how much work went into the magic.

And don’t forget fonts when it comes to visual guidance. These should be chosen to promote clarity and readability. When they don’t, frustration results.

Even more frustrating, however, are slow loading pages -- perhaps the most user-unfriendly characteristic ever to mar a website. In these time-crunched days, even a few seconds delay can dampen user interest. Slow and steady might work for some objectives. For page loadings, it’s the ultimate in unfriendly acts.

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