Why Some Pictures Need a Word Boost

Why Some Pictures Need a Word Boost

Why Some Pictures Need a Word Boost

It’s a well-established fact in many circles -- a picture is worth a thousand words. But in the world of digital marketing, there are many times when an arrangement of well-chosen words can improve the worth of a picture. This value enhancement occurs when verbal content is judiciously added to an infographic.

Why would a savvy marketer want to drop verbiage into an infographic? After all, isn’t the picture already speaking volumes? Yes, it’s true, those elucidating images say much – and in a relatively cramped space. The striking graphics, however, don’t take certain factors into account.

One of those factors is the difficulty of understanding graphics. Not for human beings, of course. Infographics generally are crystal clear to users. No, the entity that draws a blank when confronted by a picture is the search engine. You could have the most stunning, beautifully constructed graphic in the world. Doesn’t matter. Google wouldn’t comprehend it. The image is completely meaningless. Add some supporting content, however, and Google now has something to grasp. If it likes what it grasps, the value of your web page rises.

Ideally, the inserted content should contain all the usual value-boosters. Leading the way, of course, would be keywords. Digital marketers will get maximum mileage by enriching content with appropriate search terms. No need to deviate from exiting strategies. Use the keywords currently employed in your campaign. These words ultimately will help your infographic get found during searches.

Infographic content also benefits by the inclusion of two other common elements – the call to action and the tagline. The tagline, of course, announces the infographic’s subject matter to both users and search engines. The CTA, on the other hand, instructs users to take a desired action. Just think of an infographic as a scaled down page within a page, and you’ll always be on the right track.

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