Digital Marketing: When Should Scoreboard Lead to Drawing Board?


Imagine a baseball stadium with dozens of illuminated scoreboards, each displaying different must-know stats – runs, outs, innings, strikes, etc. Which one do you keep your eye on – and still watch your favorite team walk away with the game? Unfortunately, many marketers subject themselves to an equivalent situation. Rather than monitor a few key metrics, they often spread their attention across way too much data, which is inconveniently scattered in all directions.

Enlightened marketers zero in on a handful of fundamental metrics consolidated into a single focal point, like a stadium scoreboard. Afterwards, the curious can drill down to uncover more intricate stats and thereby refine conclusions. Initially, however, the team must set their sights on a single scoreboard displaying the basics – the equivalent of runs, strikes, and outs all in one, easily-viewed location.

So which metrics belong on every dedicated marketer’s scoreboard? It all comes down to three basic stats. If the info reveals you’re losing the game, it’s back to the drawing board for some serious marketing modification. Even a relief pitcher won’t help you now.

Bounce Rate. As it is for infielders, a bad bounce is bad news for marketers. Visitors who drop in for a quick look-see, then beat a hasty retreat, aren’t helping your cause. They’re not buying. In fact, they’re not even interested. Clearly, marketers must fix the radar on bounce rates. How does theirs compare with industry averages? If the difference is gaping, tackle the issue and modify strategies as needed.

Pages Visited. One of the most revealing metrics is number of visited pages. The more of these accessed by guests, the higher their interest level – and the closer you are to winning them over. Expect your conversion tally to rise with the number of visited pages.

Return Rate. When web guests return for more, you’re in the ninth inning with a formidable lead. This loyal bunch is signaling their intent to convert. Likely, they’re responding to specific keywords thrown into cyberspace by your SEO honchos.

The next step -- double-down on the keyword campaign, thereby intensifying your outreach to this precious group. These efforts are an endearing force, demonstrating your personal attention to visitor interests. Often, these return guests will show their gratitude by converting.

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