Digital Marketing: Give Your Banner Ads a Boost

Digital Marketing: Give Your Banner Ads a Boost

Banner ads – love ‘em or hate ‘em, they’ll probably be around for a while. But as with everything else in the digital world, these promotions must stay relevant to remain effective. Here are several ways brand marketers can ensure this relevance and keep their banner ads in top form.

Static design has worked fine for many years. But when it comes to grabbing the most attention, power now goes to that which moves. This power clearly is revealed by the growing prevalence of high-motion banner ads. Video, animation, and slideshows draw the most eyeballs and generate the highest number of clicks. True, these moving displays gobble more budget dollars. Nevertheless, by all accounts, the generous investment drives the highest returns.

As with all other ad messaging, the look and feel of banner ads must demonstrate brand consistency. Surprisingly, many marketers put these ads in a special category; a separate animal from the standard marketing fare. Consequently, banner ads often display their own style. This type of ‘lone wolf’ ad can jar and confuse viewers, who expect consistency. Protect your brand with stylistic consistency that integrates banner ads fully with the current campaign.

Banner ads, even those in motion, eventually become humdrum if seen to excess. How many eyefuls can a viewer stand before banner ad monotony takes hold? While there is no universal agreed-upon number, it behooves marketers to change them out from time to time. Marketers can determine optimal intervals by tracking response rates. When these sag, it’s time for new ads.

Response rate tracking also serves as an early performance gauge. Marketers can test the waters by displaying different ads over a given period. Those getting the best responses clearly are the ones to go with.

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