Digital Marketing OC: Can’t-Miss Tricks to Boost Email Click-Thru Rates

Digital Marketing OC: Can't-Miss Tricks To Boost Email Click-Thru Rates

In a world of wide-open spam folders, ad emails often get nabbed from cyberspace before reaching the finish line. And even if messages land successfully, many remain unopened. If yours gets a peek, celebrate — you did something right. But don’t rest on them laurels. You also must convince readers to click where intended. (Assuming you’ve loaded click spots into the message). Fortunately, digital marketers can improve email click-thru rates by employing some simple but powerful tricks of the trade. For instance –

Practice Subject Economization – Overstuffing topics into a single message is a guaranteed reader distraction, leaving users confused, frustrated, and struggling to focus. Not a sound policy when dealing with impatient eyeballs. The wisest of the wise recommend limiting email topics to a grand total of one — but one that is well-covered in all its glorious detail. Bear in mind, less is more when confronting limited attention spans.

Mesh CTA with Subject Line. Any topic duly planted in the subject line must make a return appearance in the call to action. Remember, your specially-selected subject has piqued reader interest to the point of breaking down all resistance. This is the subject on which all action will be based. Hence, its necessary appearance in the call to action. If it’s absent, interest will be, too. And clicks will not occur.

Include a P.S. This is not just a gratuitous add-on. Strategic advantage goes to those who reiterate subject and other interesting info at the message bottom. Studies reveal that the last items seen often are as impactful as the first.

P.S. Include an important clickable link with the postscript.

If you have any questions or comments about improving email click-thru rates, or about any other brand-related topic, feel free to send them our way.