Chatbot: Digital Marketing of the Chatty Kind

If your staff could spare more moments to interact with customers & prospects, think how much better your brand would look if it was represented by a friendly face. Que chatbot.


You’re dreaming! Your staff is swamped, and your office space is crammed to capacity.  And yet … You still can increase the meaningful interactions with your target audience. All it takes is a friendly, neighborhood chatbot.


You don’t hire, phone, or text a chatbot. This marketing assistant is pure digital, a computer program that carries out simple conversations via displayed text or audible speech.


The typical chatbot is extremely inquisitive. Among the questions it might ask are ‘what’s your favorite flavor?” or the basic “what’s your name?” And does it listen and remember! In fact, it remembers so well that the answers are routed to brand marketers eagerly waiting in the background. Gleaned from the answers are valuable insights about consumer preferences.


When chatbots return with the goods, marketers are exceedingly pleased. So are users, who enjoy a fun interaction with a new friend who never argues, complains, or asks for small favors. It works out nicely for everyone.


Many brands utilize chatbot reps – and are deriving favorable results therefrom. Disney, for instance, created a chatbot to promote the movie ‘Zootopia’ via Facebook Messenger. Users accompanied the bot on an interactive journey, during which many conversations were sparked. Ten minutes was the average time these users devoted to this interactive experience. Shared during this time was high-value info eagerly digested by the marketing team.


Essentially, the inquisitive chatbot offers consumers an alternative to the one-sided experience of viewing ads and videos. By promoting extended interactions, these digital assistants play a key role in building accurate shopper profiles. It’s filling out a form the fun way. The longer users stick around for the experience, the more answers they supply.


As with data supplied by conventional forms, chatbot info facilitates personalization. The more brand marketers know about users, the more accurately they can program the bots for subsequent conversations. Each time a consumer returns for a chat, the bot will ‘know’ them a little better. “Did you enjoy any chocolate ice cream today? might be a question presented to a confessed chocolate lover. It’s the ultimate personalization. All of which can take brand engagement to a whole new level.


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