Deepest Desires of Digital Marketers Revealed

Deepest Desires of Digital Marketers Revealed

What compels digital marketers to do what they do? What hidden forces propel this group down paths seldom understood by mere mortals? Millward Brown has dared to probe these questions. And they’ve come up with some fascinating answers.

The research organization conducted a survey of 300 U.S. digital marketers. Represented were companies of every size and industry. What the findings revealed was eminently eye-opening.

Among the desires revealed was where marketers intend to take mobile and social in the coming year. Not surprisingly, many will be pouring more and more money into both areas. What is surprising if not downright shocking is this: they’ll be shifting more greenbacks into email marketing.

Wait, Wasn’t Everything Going Social Media?

In the long-ago days of 2014, yes. But in these more enlightened times, marketers have discovered that social has much more get-up-and-go when combined with an email campaign. So instead of shoving email aside, the savviest digital marketers will be integrating email with the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

Marketers Want YOU Engaged    

The survey also produced some very good news for consumers — at least for those who crave a rollicking good time whilst online shopping.  According to the report, marketers plan to beef up their customer experience efforts in 2015.  In fact, a full thirty percent of those surveyed are placing special focus on experience management.

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