Clicks to Conversions in One Campaign | Young Company

Clicks to Conversions in One Campaign

Clicks to Conversions in One Campaign | Young Company

A visitor clicks an ad or browses your website. What should you do? No, it’s not jump for joy. The optimum move is to retarget. By retargeting, you zero in on somebody already intrigued by  your brand. That’s half the battle. Now it’s time to win them over. Retargeting boosts your chances of doing that.

When retargeting, don’t repeat the original message. This strategy generally proves unproductive to choosy users. Instead, treat the recipient to new content that restates the original material with a fresh dose of flair.

While you’re being fresh and creative, be sure to include a clear call to action. This signpost leads to the ultimate goal – the point of conversion. The place where great things happen. Here, if all goes according to plan, the lucky user takes the desired action. Now you can jump for joy.  

Remember, in the world of retargeting, the more the merrier doesn’t apply. That’s right, you can overdo the number of retargeting ads. And guess what the result will be. Not higher conversions -- negative emotions. When barraged with messaging, users not only will turn away; they’ll become irrevocably irritated. So far, irritation has not proven to be a major purchase motivator. Quite the opposite. So do nothing to cause it. Start by limiting the ad count in your retargeting campaign. Of course, finding the ideal number requires experimentation and testing. Once an acceptable amount is found, set an ad cap and stick to it.

Finally, when conducting a retargeting campaign, focus on your prime prospect zone. If the people most likely to convert are metropolitan professionals, direct most of your time, energy, and budget at this group. This doesn’t mean neglect the remaining demographic spectrum. Include all prospects who can potentially convert. But do so in the just the right amounts.

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