Labor Day Takes on New Meaning – September 2017

Changing Tides September 2017

My grandfather used to say that without unions, the average worker would not have a voice or any leverage against the big businesses that controlled manufacturing in 1900. But things have changed a lot since then. One can easily argue that big businesses revised their approach to attracting and keeping workers just to keep unions out. Either way, unions have played an important role in improving the lives of many Americans.

Here in Southern California, there is different dynamic at work. Entrepreneurs and innovators are starting new businesses at a pace never seen before. The majority of job growth is fueled by the tech-driven sectors. Not big business. These companies offer a lot more than a day off once a year. They provide meaningful benefits, career opportunities and a chance to make a difference in the world.

What began as an ugly strike in 1894 has resulted in a national holiday that symbolizes the end of summer and back to school. So relax, its Labor Day!

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Signed by Bart Young

Client Spotlight: Akins IT

Akins IT

Akins IT creates custom Internet technology solutions that help mid-size firms upgrade their infrastructure with cloud solutions, data center upgrades, Wi-Fi networking and more. Shawn Akins, founder of Akins IT, has developed strong leadership in his “A” team. He has been nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year and Akins IT has been recognized by the Orange County Business Journal as one of the fastest growing companies in the county. This month, Akins IT is hosting an event for clients and prospects at the Porsche Experience Center.


Akins IT - Porsche Experience Day

Intern Spotlight: Ruben Magos

Intern: Ruben Magos

Ruben is an award-winning, 20-year veteran of the business of art direction, graphic design, photography and videography. Growing up in Northern California, the third of nine children, art became his sanctuary from a very busy, noisy household. He expanded his knowledge of artistic media from drawing comic book heroes and creating clay sculptures to learning the intricacies of photography. After returning home from a stint in the Army, Ruben returned to college to complete his education. It was an early iteration of Photoshop that introduced him to the world of graphic design. Since graduating and completing an internship in a Monterey-based studio, his wide range of work can be found on the web, in magazines, sports videos, logos, wraps and, of course, his own special brand of fine art.