Retargeting: Marketing to the Ones That Got Away

Retargiting: Marketing to the ones who got away

You’ve learned where they’ve been and how long they’ve been there. But knowing the travel route of website visitors isn’t enough. Converting the curious requires a successful retargeting strategy.

The primary objective of retargeting is capturing the ones that got away. The folks who peeked but didn’t pay. Selectivity is crucial. Chasing every one of your website visitors is more than wasteful; it’s costly. Visitors who drop in and dash probably weren’t particularly interested in your product or service. In fact, there’s a good chance they stumbled through your sacred portal by accident. Maybe they were on the hunt for the latest in Ecuadorian bumble bee pollination systems. Where they wound up is your website – which, coincidentally enough, happens to deal in organic hair gloss made of bee’s wax. Not even close. Or perhaps the visitors simply were lured to your website by a sizzling advert. Whatever it is, they’d rather be elsewhere. Which means they’re eminently ignorable when it comes to retargeting. Put them in the waste of time slot.

When should marketers engage in retargeting?

Brand marketers should – no, must set a time limit when it comes to the retargeted. Choose your favorite duration. The word on the street is that 10 seconds is a fitting minimum. But if you really want to be sure, extending the period isn’t a bad idea. Remember, the longer they hang around, the more likely they’ll fork over the green stuff.

Frequency also is a major factor when compiling your select retargeting group. The more times visitors knock on your door, the better their prospect status. If they arrive more than once in a specific number of days, they’re suitability is practically guaranteed. Again, the time frame varies among experts. But if people are return-visiting within a week to ten days, they’re worthy of pursuit.

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