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November 2013 | Ideas for Building Brands and Growing Companies

Who stole the Cookies from the Cookie Jar? To find out, Google who?

The informal corporate slogan of Google “Don’t be evil” is crumbling fast as the Internet giant begins to shift to a new cookie technology. Cookies are tiny pieces of code that marketers deploy on web browsers to track people’s online movements. Microsoft and Facebook have each announced recently they are developing propriety systems to plug into and control this river of data in ways that bypass the more than a thousand software companies that place cookies on websites. The moves will radically shift the balance of power in the $120 billion global digital advertising industry—and have ad technology companies scrambling to figure out their next play. Where is this headed? What was once considered the most efficient and democratic of all communications mediums, will quite possible be dominated by a very small number of companies. Sound familiar? As of this posting, Google and Microsoft have declined to comment further. I can be reached directly at or call 949-376-8404.

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Facebook Has Something To Hide

Now you see it. Now you don’t. Or you might at a later date. It all depends. That’s the story with Facebook’s newest modification of their news feed ads. Here’s how it works: Ads touting products and services unpopular with users now will be hidden from their Facebook news feeds, never to be seen by their disapproving eyes again. Only ads of interest will remain in the lineup.
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Are You A Nowhere Brand In Nowhere Land?

How important is SEO to your business? Consider this – the vast majority of info-hunters restrict their clicks to websites listed on page one of Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Nothing beyond this threshold matters. All of which means, if you’re not front page news, you’re likely a nowhere brand in nowhere land.
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B2B Email Seen Through A Crystal Ball

Predicting the weather is hard enough. But charting the future of B2B email is a colossal guessing game at best. The task is compounded by all the variables rushing onto the scene – social, mobile, dynamic content. Still, many brand marketers dare to identify the trends destined to shape the future of email.
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Employee Spotlight

Rick Jorgenson

This month has brought many positive changes to Young Company. We are happy to welcome our new Vice President, Rick Jorgenson to the team.Rick comes to Young Company with over 30 years of sales and marketing experience. He has specialized in online marketing for the past 15 years and has run successful campaigns for the likes of IBM, Microsoft and DirecTV. For the past 5 years he has run his own consulting practice helping companies put together online lead generation and sales programs.

Prior, Rick ran internet marketing for Syspro Software for 2 years. Before that he had served as Vice President of Internet Marketing for Phelps Group, a Santa Monica based Integrated Marketing Agency. Rick served as Vice President of Client Services for IDM Partners, an Interactive Advertising Agency located in Los Angeles, for 5 years. He has been with Young Company before as Vice President of eMarketing and also served as Director of Marketing at Scantron Software.


This change is very exciting and the upcoming month of November shows vast opportunities!