The Holiday Rush is on for Brand Marketers

The Holiday Rush is on for Brand Marketers

A correction is needed right off the bat. The holidays are NOT around the corner. They’re here! At least, they’re center stage for brand marketers. That’s because the first half of November is the crucial period…the time to light up the online world with your holiday marketing campaign. After the mid-month deadline, you’ve got to contend with Black Friday. And that means an onrush of shoppers rumbling into malls and assorted retail destinations, gorging themselves on anything – needed or unneeded – that seems to spell mega savings. Yes, when the bewitching hour arrives, swarms of consumers will be jostling in the aisles, tearing the clothes off racks, and shoving their way to checkout stands — and not comfortably planted before their computers. So the time is NOW for brand marketers to unleash their powerhouse promotions such as free shipping and scorching discounts.

Did you forget to add Pinterest to your list of promotional aids? You shouldn’t. Why? Because Pinterest referrals lead to the highest checkout figures among all social media sites. That includes Twitter and Facebook, friends. So don’t just tweet, pin. Here’s how to do it marvelously this holiday season.

Get Rich Quick. People will be sharing everything from gifts to cold viruses this holiday season. And they’ll be doing much of the fevered sharing on Pinterest. Brand marketers definitely need to participate in the admirable Pinterest generosity. With traffic steadily increasing on this super photo site, advertisers would be wise to plaster as many ‘rich pins’ on Pinterest as humanly or technologically possible. Think of rich pins as digital sales notices that alert loyal Pinners of important brand news such as deep discounts on designer elf shoes or other important products.

Gather Around the Drawing Board. What are your priority products? You know, the ones you wish would fly off the shelf like Santa’s reindeer. Whatever your chosen product, create a strategy for major pin promotions. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to tap into the other online resources. Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs are still mighty handy when it comes to getting the word out.

Whip Your Website Into Shape. Products and services earmarked for brisk holiday sales should be suitably showcased on your site. But this year, all the enticing merchandise will be linked to Pinterest via those rich pins referred to above. And don’t forget to add share buttons to take advantage of all that Pinterest fever.

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