Changing Tides – March 2014

Changing Tides - March 2014

Ideas for Building Brands and Growing Companies

Welcome to March! It looks like we have had our splash of rain and summer is starting this week. I’m not sure how our water supply will hold up, but I do think it’s time we invest in desalinization plants in Southern California. A very successful new company called Nano H2O in El Segundo has developed a more efficient filtration system that reduces the cost running a water treatment by about 70%! This means we can convert saltwater at a low cost and bring relief to farmers and families forever. Isn’t technology wonderful?

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Client Spotlight: Business Consumer Alliance

Business Consumer Alliance

The broad purpose of Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) is to promote business self regulation. They achieve this objective by assisting consumers in resolving complaints with businesses and using that complaint information along with other relevant information like customer reviews to forecast business reliability. BCA, formally Better Business Bureau (BBB) of the Southland, changed their name to expand their services they provide to consumers and businesses. This also allowed BCA to broaden their service area from the greater Los Angeles area to North America.Young Company is excited to announce their engagement with BCA for continued support and strategy through social media and an online advertising campaign. Young Company will also help BCA’s business with an in depth research assignment to deliver the best service possible to their existing customers both on the consumer and business member side.