Brand Marketing – Knowing the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Brand Marketing - Knowing the Good

Customers and prospects are talking about you. Maybe a great deal. Much of the chatter is zooming through the online pipeline. And, like it or not, everything flowing through cyberspace may not be rosy. Some – maybe a lot – will be on the negative side.

But whether the conversations are good, bad, or ugly, monitoring online buzz is key to brand marketing. Information gained thereby gives brand marketers a firm foundation for rapid response – whether that means throwing more support behind what’s wowing people, or rectifying what’s rubbing them the wrong way. To help brand marketing experts get a bead on the buzz, here are three essential steps for using social media for monitoring and response.

Knowledge Acquisition. When it comes to grabbing an earful of the online conversation, it pays to be a know-it-all. Every last tidbit must be snatched from cyberspace and dropped into your info vaults for further analysis. Combing the internet from end to end is essential to create a complete picture of overall brand marketing. Fortunately, you can build a high-powered antenna out of the slew of available monitoring tools such as Google Alerts, Social Mention, and SparkCentral.  They’re out there for the taking. So there’s no excuses.

Timing. The same thing that holds true for sinking a basket from half-court or snapping up an undervalued stock applies to jumping into an online conversation. Indeed, timing is crucial for patching up any and all problems. Move too early, and you risk coming off as a nosy invader of privacy. Too late, and your ship might have sailed. Knowing exactly when to intercede is a tricky thing that takes a precision blend of expertise, instinct, and finesse. This definitely is a job for masters with just the right touch.

Climb Inside the Customer’s Head. Once you’ve entered the conversation, it’s time to climb inside the customer’s head and have a look at the issues through his or her eyes. Only by taking this step will your brand marketing have the necessary understanding and sympathy required for total customer appeasement.

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