What’s Wrong With Digital Advertising? – March 2018

Changing Tides - March 2018

Dissatisfaction is the first step in making progress. I am hoping this message reaches our friends at Google so the progress can begin. Digital advertising has many benefits to both marketers and consumers with its ability to target messages that are on point and on time. Nevertheless, there is something seriously wrong which needs to be exposed and made better for online ads to continue as they have for nearly 20 years building the world’s #1 brand – Google.

As a Google Agency Partner and big user of the Google Display Network, Young Company admires the way Google places ads on major needs feeds. But not the location of the display ads themselves which sometime block vital information on the page. Case in point: Google delivers non-stop ads on right on top of vital weather information on popular news sites. The information cannot be seen and the ad cannot be removed without a replacement ad arriving two seconds later. It offers “Ad Choices” that are worthless. Even if the ad is removed, it returns a white block that tells the user “Google Removed this Ad.” That message then stands right on top of the vital weather information. The Opt-Out feature only brings on more ads. Very frustrating and short-sighted. Ugh!

As a consumer, I am now considering alternatives such a Bing and DuckDuckGo to find a way to see the weather report. How big a problem is this for Google? Historically, it huge if you look at what happened to “Free” commercial TV. The ads ruined the viewing experience and paved the way for cable which paved the way for Netflix and the saga continues. Dissatisfaction drove the improvements consumers wanted. Marketing is a democratic process and the best ideas always win! Digital advertising will change or die. The experience needs to improve. Google needs to take the lead because Google has the most to lose.

BTW – What is the weather forecast for tomorrow?

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Signed by Bart Young

Client Spotlight: JMG Security Systems

JMG Security Systems

Founded by Ken Jacobs and Mike Christensen in 1987, JMG SECURITY SYSTEMS, INC. provides security solutions and services for large venues throughout Southern California. Their clients include the Honda Center, the Angels Stadium, and the Grove of Anaheim.

On March 15, JMG will host its first seminar of the year: What to Do and How to Prepare for an Active Shooter in your Workplace. The seminar will feature San Diego Sheriff’s Lieutenant Damon Blankenbaker as its keynote speaker and will go over the proper steps to handle an active shooter situation, as well as the latest in evacuation and notification procedures.

The seminar is currently full, but a second seminar on the same topic is scheduled for June 14, 2018. For more information,click here.

JMG Security - Security Guard

Employee Spotlight: Lena Frenzel

Lena Frenzel

We are happy to announce that the wonderful Lena Frenzel has joined the Young Company team as our Digital Marketing Manager. Lena was born and raised in Germany and is fluent in both German and English, and can also speak French at the professional working proficiency. In Germany, Lena attended Technical University Freiberg and received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Marketing & Management. She then attended California State University, Fullerton and received her Masters in Mass Communications: Research and Theory. Before joining Young Company, Lena worked for well-renowned companies such as Facebook, Google, and Nike. With over five years of professional working experience and a masters degree under her belt, Lena is a proactive self-starter and has outstanding problem-solving skills. We are so fortunate to have Lena on our team!