Changing Tides – June 2015

Open House
Celebrating the 4th Dimension


After 15 years in the same location, we are adding an office up NORTH.


Join us June 4th, 5:30 – 8:30 pm


361 Forest Ave., Suite 206, Laguna Beach, CA 92651 


(Only footsteps from First Thursdays Art Walk)
Meet Our Newest Intern – Gil Marom

Gil Marom recently graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Strategic Communications. While in school, Gil was president of the OSU Advertising Club, an AAF Collegiate Chapter member and was on the AAF National Student Advertising Competition team. Gil offers graphic design, photography, audio and videography skills along with his social media and digital marketing background. In his free time, he pursues his passion for hip hop dance. .    

How to be a Marketing Trail-Blazer
See that trail ahead? Of course not. It still has to be made. And you’re going to make it. Because the only way to maximize your chances of marketing success is to blaze a few trails; stay ahead of the pack.
Catch the Social Media Express
The Social Media Express is rolling. And anyone who climbs aboard can reel in rewards galore. You know, things like higher ROI, greater customer loyalty, a grand reputation, and oh, yes, increased revenues.
Catch This Mobile Drift
Just what you need to hear. More about the power of mobile. How brand marketers should embrace the platform big time to boost ROI. How users are flocking to the small screens for their product info…
Etc. Etc. Etc.