Changing Tides – July 2015

Celebrate America’s Independence Weekend at the New Laguna Festival of Arts


Beginning this weekend,the newly renovated Festival of Arts opens its doors with an outstanding array of artists and live musical performances. This venue is one of three art festivals located in Orange County’s center of creativity, the city of Laguna Beach. The festivals include: Sawdust Art & Craft Festival, Festival of Arts and Art-A-Fair. We are offering you free admission and parking. You don’t want to miss out on this exciting opportunity.


We invite you to be Young Company’s guest at the art festivals of Laguna Beach and make this the highlight of your summer! Food, drink and Pageant of the Masters tickets are not included.


I welcome your feedback! Reach Bart at or 949-376-8404.


New Client Spotlight: Campbell Window Film


As the largest 3M window film dealer in Southern California, Campbell has built up a successful business in the window film market, particularly in high-rise office buildings. Young Company has been engaged to develop an exciting new brand strategy to grow Campbell’s presence in the residential and commercial markets with new products, services and styles. For homeowners, Campbell offers a wide array of exciting new products to reduce heat and save on energy costs without sacrificing view or aesthetics. For commercial customers, they offer new building modernization products that will transform old surfaces into high-tech finishes that are visually striking and durable beyond the original materials used. Their design studio enables contractors to offer graphics uniquely fitted for a particular property.

 Example of Building Modernization using high-tech surface materials and decorative window films.
Meet Reid Horton – Senior Web Developer

Reid is the newest member of Young Company, and brings with him over 8 years of experience designing, building, and managing digital campaigns. As a self-taught WordPress veteran, Reid has designed a multitude of lead generating websites for industries like Real Estate, Surf/Skate Clothing, Law, Music, Dog Rescue, and a lot more. With experience in graphic design for print & web, social media management, and marketing automation, Reid brings a plethora of fresh ideas to fold, instantly increasing the amount of tools we can offer to clients. In 2007, he played professional baseball in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands, for the Robur ’58 Baseball Club. Reid also performs as a disco/house DJ as well as in a band, sharing the stage with international touring artists like Strange Talk, Yuksek, Nora en Pure, Tropicool, and more. .    

The Fashion Zoom
It used to be that fashions got more colorful, shorter, or longer, thinner or thicker. Now they’re getting faster.Fast fashion happens when shoppers see the latest styles and want them like right now. Currently, consumers are being served the hottest styles via the likes of Instagram, assorted fashion blogs, and countless other social destinations.
Brand Buzz in Millennial Land
Still scratching your head about Millennials? Still groping for a way to connect with this demo? Well, it can be done. And your brand needn’t be the greatest thing since jet propulsion nor must it be priced lower than dirt. In fact, Millennial folk are willing to pay a bit more for consumables – so long as they feel the right vibe flowing from your brand.
Sing the Big Data Song to Your Customers
Feed a cookie to a user, and you can track them online with a high degree of reliability – assuming they’re not set up to deflect cookies. When channeled into such a monitoring system, marketers have the means to deliver targeted ads at just the right moment.