Changing Tides – August

Changing Tides – August 2014 | How do you create meaningful differentiation?

Many businesses are seeking the big idea. The homerun campaign that will make them the thought leader in their respective industry. Unfortunately, great advertising is only a part of the solution. A company’s products and services are critical to differentiation. The late Eli Calloway devoted his career to creating brands that are “Demonstrably Superior and Pleasingly Different.” He spent years developing the Big Bertha brand of drivers that helped catapult Calloway Golf to a number one brand. While Calloway never paid a golfer to use their clubs, over 90% of the PGA wouldn’t play with anything else. It is this ideology that fuels Young Company’s dedication to helping clients find their most meaningful differentiation using research, strategic thinking, and good old fashioned creativity.

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New Client Spotlight:
William Jordan Investments

We are delighted that William Jordan Investments of Laguna Hills has engaged Young Company to develop digital marketing campaigns for its investment advisory business as well as William Jordan Capital. The campaigns will complement Jordan’s tried and true marketing programs designed to attract affluent investors and those financial advisors who wish to offer clients a more diversified and better performing portfolio management.

Jordan’s clients hedge against rising interest rates by investing in real estate and other asset categories. William Jordan Capital (a separate company) offers trust deed secured real estate opportunities that produce a higher rate of return.