The King Who Conquered the Search Engines

The King Who Conquered the Search Engines

Content isn’t just king…it’s an all-powerful ruler on the march to new lands. The monarch’s expanding kingdom is the realm of searches once ruled by now-outmoded SEO techniques. Not that SEO has been pushed off the map. Far from it. Proper SEO practices still play a role in getting your brand’s web destinations spotted by search engines. But the starring role now belongs to King Content – compelling words, pictures, and videos that users glue their peepers on and share with unbridled fanaticism.

The difference between content and basic SEO now boils down to this:

SEO in the strictest sense conforms to standards necessary to win favor with Google. This is the territory of programming and other technical wizardry. Still important.

Then there’s the sizzling content that blazes across your web pages, blogs, and other online locales. Content full of zip, originality, and mind-grabbing ideas. This is the shining gold that can hold people spellbound and get them fired up enough to link to your page. Incidentally, link-ups have a tremendous influence on your popularity with search engines. The more, the merrier, as they say.

On the algorithm front, almighty King Content has it all over yesterday’s SEO techniques. Essentially, you can’t scam the algorithms any more with strategies like link-building. Maneuvers such as these likely will become relics. That’s because search engine algorithms have gotten a lot sharper at spotting things of substance. What these qualifiers are after is good, solid, quality content. Ancient trickery simply won’t cut it anymore in the new kingdom.

Despite King Content’s dominion over the search realm, the monarch is eminently sociable. Twitter handles about 2.1 billion searches each day. Facebook, about a half billion. These and all the other social hangouts have placed colossal importance on content. Therefore, if you want your brand to get noticed in a big way, plant yourself on the social sites.

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