Brand Marketing – Acing a Campaign That’s Up in the Air


Planes, cranes, and other bulky hardware once were required for aerial photography. Nowadays, however, lucky brand marketers can harness the power of drones to view the world from above. It’s the ultimate way to travel light.

Should be a snap, right? Just finger a few buttons, and you’re soaring your way into the wild blue yonder. Maybe so -- if a quality production isn’t on your priority list. If it is, ground pilots will benefit by knowing a few tricks of the trade. Here are some of the fundamental favorites.

If you’ve never, ever flown a drone, or if you’re experience is a tad limited, you’ll need a basic piloting education. Learn the fundamentals prior to first flight. Also, it’s advisable to try before you fly by practicing with a trainer drone. These practice craft are far less expensive than the real deal and far more conducive to developing necessary aerial skills – like taking off and landing.

OK, you’re well-trained. Nevertheless, ground pilots still must plan ahead. This requires thorough scouting of prospective locations, a mission easily chargeable to research – or whatever the accounting department will let you get away with. So go all out with the explorations. It’s all about having fun on the job at the company’s expense.

Equally important during the planning stage is power allocation. As with many popular devices, drones require batteries to be of any use. Therefore, plan to take enough power storage for the trip. Obviously, remote locations will require a higher battery count – unless you expect to stumble across a surprise supply depot.

On the aesthetic side, light and perspective are major contributors to overall impact. Seek suitable lighting for the intended mood. Sunrise and sunset offer a soft, soothing glow that imparts a special serenity to the shot. Midday lighting, on the other hand, imbues a scene with clarity and crispness. What’s your mood of the moment? Lighting will help you define it.

The complement to lighting is perspective – the art of matching the view to the message. This calls for experimentation, an invitation to maneuver drones through airspace until the choicest, most eloquent angles are discovered. Can you think of a better way to spend the weekend?

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