Brand Marketers — What Tale Will Your Brand Tell?

Brand Marketers -- What Tale Will Your Brand Tell?

Just when PR folks thought they had everything in hand … just when the machine was humming along smoothly with the tried and true methods of connecting with the public… Along comes a whole new approach to reaching your audience.  Well, actually the approach is not really all that new. In fact, people have been wowing audiences with it ever since our cave-dwelling ancestors first scrawled a picture on a rocky wall. It’s called storytelling. And it’s the latest entry in the how-do-I-get-people-to-adore-my-brand lineup.

Indeed, building a story around your brand is fast becoming one of the must-do’s of the marketing world. While brand marketers aren’t expected to unleash the Hamlet of advertising, they still must compose a juicy tale that entices audiences. For those interested in spinning irresistible yarns about everything from apple juice to automobiles, here are three useful guidelines.

Shakespeare knew it. Hollywood knows it. And now brand marketers better know it. It’s the art of connecting with your audience. So the first point of business is determining who your audience is and why they should bother tuning into your tale in the first place. Only when these factors are known can you make a winning impression.

The core of any story is … you guessed it, expensive CGI effects. But when these are not handy, having a great plot with a character forced to overcome a problem or challenge works splendidly. Think of how your product or service helps the consumer leap a hurdle or two, then weave this info into a compelling storyline.

OK, you’ve demonstrated the hurdle-leaping powers of your product or service. Now, you’ll want to continue your tale with a vivid presentation of how your brand will trigger a positive change in the life of your ‘main character’ (Mr. or Ms. Consumer).

And be sure to include an open-ended question that can be answered only by a thrilling sequel.

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