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Market Research

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Public Relations

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Founded in Los Angeles in 1949, Young Company is one of the top creative advertising agencies and digital marketing agencies in Orange County. We are experts in the application and the integration of advertising, branding, Internet marketing, market research, public relations, social media and website design. We are proud to be recognized as a top business-to-business marketing communications agency in the United States. For a quick tour of our home in Laguna Beach village, click on our “drop in” video.


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Creative Advertising

Top advertising agencies know the best creative ads help drive the return on advertising investment. Young Company has the creative fire power to take your brand to the next level.

Market Research

Reduce risk and improve results with decision focused research. Young Company has extensive experience in conducting hundreds of research studies for consumer and B2B clients.


Whether you need to revitalize your brand, or create one from scratch, we provide the brand research, consulting, logos and campaigns to build a strong brand from the inside out.

Media Services

The best advertising strategy combines multiple media to reach your target with impact and results.  We often combine direct with Internet, broadcast, print and social media ads.

Internet Marketing

Let us accelerate your business with our skills, tools and experience in website design. No other marketing communications agency in Orange County has more experience in online marketing.

Public Relations

Brand credibility is the best reason to hire one of Orange County’s top PR agencies. Third party endorsements plus social media are important ways to build brand reputation.