Digital Marketing: Why Your Brand Needs One More Warehouse


Chances are, your business uses one or more warehouses for product storage. Well, here’s an update — you’re going to need another one (if you don’t already have it). Now, don’t stress. You needn’t raid profits to fund warehouse expansion. The additional storage space is constructed solely from bits and bytes. And it’s quite invisible to most observers. It goes by the name data warehouse.

Compact and convenient, the data warehouse may reside on the cloud or on any local system.

Already, many brands and business have been harnessing its power and gaining distinct advantages. Here’s why they’ve embraced the technology.

Think about it … brands are shouldering more and more information every day, every hour, every nanosecond. Everything from customer receipts to surveys to industry statistics… all of it pouring in and piling up to the moon. Humanity is not equipped to manage to influx — not without help. The data warehouse provides that help.

The data warehouse swallows up data and packs it away for future use. No load is too large – a welcome advantage in the age of Big Data. And, if current trends are any indication, the info-loads will be getting chunkier and chunkier.

But the data warehouse is more than a rest stop. Once input is packed away, digital forces grab, organize, integrate, and if prompted politely, spew out a finished product in the form of a report. Thereafter, savvy analysts and managers can dive into the results, find the golden nuggets, and use the find as a basis for sound decisions and profitable strategies. As more and more brands are discovering, this focused approach usually outperforms the ancient wade-through-the-clutter technique.

With data warehousing becoming increasingly prevalent, all eyes are fixed on the future. How will inevitable advances reshape this resource? One notable trend is the ongoing improvement of user-friendliness. Not so long ago, only trained gurus could operate a data warehouse system. Thanks to recent advances, however, most ordinary mortals now can use and profit from the technology. Likely, more friendliness is on the way.