What’s Good for the Stage is Good for the Brand


By 2019, 80% of all consumer internet traffic will be flocking to videos.

At least, that’s the projection offered by IT leader Cisco. Already the writing is on the wall in sky high letters – video marketing is on an unstoppable upward trajectory. It has been for the last few years, with an incredible momentum building by the nanosecond. Indeed, given video’s scorching rate of progress, Cisco’s determination might prove extremely conservative.

So what magic lures audiences to a brand’s video output?

Not surprisingly, it’s the same force that has cap tured viewers since Agamemnon first bemoaned his fate – emotion. Apparently, what’s good for the stage is good for the brand.

In brand space, the touch of human feelings facilitates communication. When emotional chords are struck, those duly touched are more open to messaging. This openness, of course, clears the way for increased views, shares, sales, and loyalty. All definite plusses for brands aiming for higher market share.

Basically? Smiles Trump Frowns

In the realm of video marketing, as in virtually all other marketing spheres, emotions vary when it comes to getting results. In a test of pure strength, positive feelings soundly defeat the negative. According to ad tech company Unruly, “happiness is the most popular sentiment among people when watching a video.” Inexplicably, hilarity doesn’t fare particularly well. Lesson to be learned – bring on the smiles but don’t go to extremes.

Not surprisingly, viewers are eager to share the smiles, as well as any other emotional experience. Across the board, emotional appeals inspire a much higher volume of shares than do non-emotional approaches.

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