The Incomplete Guide to Ecommerce Marketing

The Incomplete Guide to Ecommerce Marketing

The Incomplete Guide to Ecommerce Marketing

Anyone can develop a complete guide to ecommerce marketing – or to anything for that matter. Just devote thousands of hours to research, combine with experience, and there it is.

An incomplete guide, however, requires discriminating judgement – the ability to select only the finest principles of a particular discipline. That is what follows – a concise n’ quick overview of high value info exclusively for those with too little time on their hands.

First, supplement your inhouse content with material created by users. Known as user-generated content or UGC, it offers two distinct advantages. For starters, it’s free, generously provided solely by engaged users with something to say. But even more important, UGC has undeniable persuasion power. Research shows that people trust user stories more than standard content. And they’ll recall it better than they will ordinary product information.

Next, be community minded. Which means, gear a certain portion of campaign energy to local shoppers. The geo-targeting of locals is a proven sales booster because these people often have a special affinity for nearby businesses. Something familiar and part of the neighborhood. Some might call it community spirt. Whatever it is, local targeting capitalizes on this natural preference. Of course, don’t ignore the broader market. At all times, you’re striving for maximum reach -- but with a special emphasis on locals.

Finally, if you haven’t already heard, there’s something called SEO making its way through the marketing world. A well-optimized website can light up your brand when search engines come nosing around.

To build an SEO powerhouse, a presence no engine can ignore, you must uncover the right keywords (research required). Then you must integrate these nuggets with appropriate content to create a seamless flow. Don’t forget to include keywords in your URL and title tags, as these are major SEO factors.

Obviously, this isn’t all you need to know about ecommerce marketing. It’s not even close. But it is a tightly focused presentation of proven principles that can take your enterprise a long, long way. All in all, a great place to start.

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